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EXIT Twist Ground ø305cm (10ft) Pink/Grey

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With the EXIT Twist Ground ø305cm trampoline, EXIT Toys introduces a unique in-ground trampoline with lots of added value at a very attractive price.

The key words of the Twist Ground trampolines are enjoyment, safety, design and quality! With this model, EXIT Toys offers splendid trampolines with a 'Twist'. The biggest advantage of the sunk-in trampoline is that you can easily look over it and let your garden seem larger. In addition, the trampoline is also safer because the falling height is considerably lower than with a trampoline at a normal height. And with its height of 20cm, it’s easy to climb onto this trampoline, even for the youngest children!

Reversible pad
A unique feature is that the pad of Twist trampolines is reversible, giving you two different colours! You can choose which colour you want to use for your trampoline! If after a while, you feel like seeing the other colour, that’s easy. You simply turn the pad around and it’s done! The Twist trampolines are manufactured in modern colour combinations: pink or dark grey. An appropriate colour for every situation, whereby grey is a colour that provides your garden a sense of tranquillity.

Bouncing mat with a playful element
To make playtime on the trampoline even nicer, the Twist trampolines (with the exception of the EXIT Twist Rectangular trampoline) are produced with a unique bouncing mat. A game pattern is printed on the Twist bouncing mat, allowing children to make up endless ‘bouncing games. The Game-Print consists of numbers including addition, subtraction and division signs. Children can give each other tasks of jumping number combinations, such as their birth dates. Or they can jump the sum of arithmetic problems. This combines playing and learning, making the Twist trampoline also an educational trampoline.

There is no avoiding the quality of EXIT Toys. The Twist trampoline is simply a superb trampoline. The trampoline is equipped with a 20mm thick pad over the entire width of the frame . The pad is reversible. It has two sides, both produced in high-quality PVC. The possibility to reverse the pad gives it a longer lifespan! Additional safety is guaranteed by the spring-clips in the frame. This keeps the trampoline frame well attached if the trampoline is moved. Because the frame is galvanized, the trampoline is optimally protected! The duo-conical springs ensure the best possible bouncing comfort.

The height of the trampoline is only 20cm, making it easy to access and preventing dangerous situations. Between the pad and the ground level there is space for the air to go out, improving the bouncing quality. This space is protected by a frame net and pins, which is delivered with the trampoline. The unique frame construction anchors the trampoline to the ground at three or four points. Optimal stability and safety in an XXL model! The EXIT Twist trampolines obviously comply with the latest safety standards, EN71-14 and GS, and the Twist trampolines are tested with weights of 750kg! Safety above all!

There are naturally a number of appropriate accessories available (safety net, protective cover or anchor set) for your EXIT Twist Ground trampoline to enhance the safety and/or durability of your trampoline.

In short: an affordable trampoline can also look good, be fun and be made with quality! The EXIT Twist Ground trampoline is a proof of this.

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