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EXIT Supreme ø366cm All-in 1 (12ft)

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EXIT Supreme ø366cm All-in 1 ; an absolute top-quality trampoline.

The EXIT Supreme trampolines belong to the absolute top in terms of quality. Jumping fun is guaranteed for many years! Because its galvanized and black powder-coated frame and its beautiful high-quality padding, the entire trampoline also has a very luxurious look.

The Supreme trampolines are equipped with a very wide padding. The edge is no less than 44 cm wide. Furthermore, the foam filling of the pad is 30mm thick and features a PVC outer edge of up 0,74mm thickness. The high quality material is UV resistant. Because the frame is galvanized and black powder coated, rust has no chance. Extra security is provided by the screw connections in the frame. This keeps the frame of the trampoline securely fastened when the trampoline is moved. And while jumping the frame parts do not move and offers the Supreme a ' stable ' and therefore ' silent ' jump. A lot of attention has been paid to the jumping mat. The Mat is made of the high quality material of the brand Ten Cate, specially produced in the UNITED STATES.

The double conical springs up to 216mm length provide optimal jumping comfort: a higher jump and a softer landing.

The Supreme trampolines are standard equipped with a safety net. A safety-feature has been developed where the springs are not accessible; Children can therefore not reach the springs with their feet, while jumping on the trampoline. The poles of the safetynet are surrounded by a thick layer of foam. The safety net is also equipped with a child-friendly and safe entrance. It goes without saying that the EXIT trampolines comply with the latest relevant safety standards specific for trampolines, the AND 71-14. Safety in XXL!

The trampoline also comes with a set of steps and a convenient frame-suspended shoe bag. This is for the children to store their shoes, slippers and other items before they enter the trampoline. In addition, there are a number of other matching accessories (Framenet, Weathercover, Anchorset) for your EXIT Supreme available that increase safety and/or durability of your trampoline.

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