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EXIT Silhouette Ground 366 (12ft) + Safetynet

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The EXIT Silhouette Ground Plus is a modern and nicely designed dug-­‐in trampoline, manufactured including a safety net! The EXIT Silhouette Ground has lovely black padding, including a refreshing green colour accent. A cool and top-­‐quality trampoline at a very attractive price: value for money!

Design and safety
Dug-­‐in trampolines have been very popular for a long time. The Silhouette Ground is dug into the ground and does not obstruct the full view of your beautiful garden. You can still enjoy your garden to the maximum. Its low entrance allows younger children to easily go in and out of the Silhouette Ground, because they don’t have to climb.

The EXIT Silhouette Ground is manufactured in a lovely mat black colour, including bright green accents. This gives the trampoline a modern and elegant look. In addition, the safety net hangs very taut from its curved supports. This provides a beautiful transparent look and is also very safe, because children cannot get tangled in the net. The supports are manufactured with good casing made of high-­‐quality coated safety foam, minimising painful collisions. The protective edge is 20 mm thick over the entire width of 28.5 cm and covers the springs effectively. Furthermore, a net safely covers the space between the protective edge and the springs, so when the kids are jumping, their feet don’t touch the springs. A sturdy zipper, including a contrasting green colour, closes the entrance to the trampoline, so that an unexpected fall does not result in a hard landing outside of the jumping mat!

The skirt of the protective edge (side) has wide de-­‐aeration strips that provide optimal comfort during jumping. The trampoline has 14 cm long springs that guarantee solid jumping power and comfort, even after years of use. The underside of the trampoline’s frame is galvanised and powder coated, preventing corrosion entirely. The separate parts of the frame are mutually locked using spring clips, so that they cannot come apart while jumping. An additional advantage is that this construction ensures that the Silhouette trampolines can be assembled very easily.

The EXIT Silhouette trampolines obviously comply with the very strict EN71 safety norm. Safety is paramount!

We also have several accessories available for these trampolines, such as a protective cover for the winter and ground anchors. The EXIT Silhouette trampoline is also available including legs.
EXIT’s cool Silhouette dug-­‐in trampoline is proof that a wonderful and good trampoline doesn’t have to be expensive!

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