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EXIT JumpContour All-in 1 244 (8ft) Green/Grey

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By combining the advantages of the JumpArenA trampoline and the Contour Safety Net, we have created the All-in-1 Trampoline, giving you the best possible value for your money. With this combination, Dutch Toys Group once again offers a quality product, which is accessible to a wide audience.

A beautiful qualitative trampoline that will do justice to any garden! With its galvanized black powder-coated frame, this trampoline has a luxurious look. What is so special about the protective pad is that it’s reversible. You can choose between a lovely green protective pad or a chic grey one, giving your garden a contemporary character. The two glass fibre rings always keep the Contour safety net taut; after all, looks is also important!

The trampoline is equipped with a top-quality, reversible green/grey protective pad, which is 30mm thick over the entire width of the pad. In addition, each segment of the padding has drainage holes so that rainwater can easily flow away and not accumulate in the protective pad. Additional safety is provided by the screw couplings in the frame. They keep the frame parts in place when the trampoline is moved. The frame parts also don’t move when people are bouncing, providing the JumpContour with stable and quiet bouncing. The galvanized, powder-coated frame gives this trampoline double protection and keeps it rust-free! Lots of attention was also devoted to the bouncing mat. It is made from high-quality material produced by the Ten Cate brand, which is purchased in the USA. The safety net is made from strong UV-resistant material that minimises discolouring and tearing. The poles of the safety net are surrounded by a thick layer of foam and they are easy to assemble by inserting them into the sockets of the trampoline frame.

The improved biconical springs ensure optimal bouncing comfort by means of higher jumps and softer landings. And no less important: the choice of the spring length was made by having a group of consumers test the trampoline and express their preference! The Contour safety net, which is luxuriously equipped with glass fibre at both the top and bottom sides, is located on the outer side of the protective pad. This creates immense moving space suitable for the best possible bouncing experience.

The safety net has a child-friendly and safe entrance. Children can easily crawl in through the overlapping entrance, which automatically closes once they pass through. In addition, the multiple connections of the safety net to the top rail of the trampoline ensure that the underside of the net stays securely connected with no unsafe opening where children might fall through. Safety above all!

The EXIT JumpContour All-in 1 Trampoline is delivered with a ladder and a handy shoe bag. In addition, there are a number of matching accessories (frame net, protective cover, anchor set) available for your EXIT JumpContour, increasing the safety and/or durability of your trampoline.

In short: quality and affordable! The EXIT JumpContour All-in-1 trampoline proves it.

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