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EXIT Striker Streetsoccer - Set of 10

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Striker Streetsoccer - Set of 10 Strikers!

A perfect set for clubs or schools.

The EXIT Striker is a cool, innovative and unique streetsoccer product with which you can play soccer anywhere! When you shoot the striker of your opponent, it collapses and sounds a whistle. You won! A soccer game 2.0!

No Striker is the same! Customize your Striker with coloured shirt, name and number with the included sticker set

Striker Streetsoccer is unique and hip
·         Can be played anytime, anywhere
·         Shoot down your opponents Striker to win
·         Striker sounds whistle and collapses when struck
·         Play 1-on-1, 2-on-2, add multiple Striker figures
·         Can be used on all playing surfaces
·         Great training tool
·         Helps develop close ball skills

What are you waiting for?! Dare your opponent and play!

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Meets expectations

EXIT Striker Streetsoccer - Trailer

EXIT Striker Streetsoccer - Trailer

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