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EXIT Panna-Surround-Net (ø16Ft)

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The EXIT Panna Surround Net ensures even more panna fun because the ball remains more often in the panna field and lets you continue the game!

Panna football is the trend in street soccer and it is becoming ever more popular among youngsters. Panna means gates, which means that you have to manoeuvre the ball between your opponent’s legs and retain possession of it. Panna is played on a field with 1 person against 1 person or 2 against 2. By using clever football tricks, you try to trump your opponent. The big difference between this and the standard football game is that the ball cannot go over the sideline or cross the goal line. A very common method of beating your opponent or passing is to play the ball via the wall at the sides of the field.

The poles of the Panna Surround Net are covered by a thick layer of foam, making them extra safe. The EXIT Panna Surround Net is made of strong material (PE) and is easy to mount on the EXIT Panna Field Round ø488cm (art. An additional safety feature is the opening of the net, which has a zipper for opening and closing.

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