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EXIT Foxy Pedal Gokart (2-5y)

EAN-code: 8718469460687
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EXIT Toys also thinks about young racers. The EXIT Foxy Go-­‐Kart is suitable for children from the age of two! Even very young kids can safely use this sturdy go-­‐kart, tearing through bends and criss-­‐crossing streets.

User comfort:
Because the EXIT Foxy has a small turning circle, it is highly manoeuvrable and easy to control for a young racer. The comfortable seat is simple and can be adjusted to three different positions without tools. That way, Foxy can grow along with your child. Because the go-­‐kart has a swing axle, both wheels stay safely on the ground, even on uneven terrain. The frame of the EXIT Foxy is very sturdy (frame tube ø 38mm). The robust metal front fender ensures that the sporty spoiler is well protected. The strong EVA tyres do not leak, so just carry on riding!

The EXIT Foxy Go-­‐Kart is a super cool go-­‐kart fully finished with sporty rims and spoiler! The sporty steering wheel is already a cool element, but it can also be fitted with a sound box with real racing sounds—an accessory offered with the go-­‐kart. And to make it all complete, you get a set of stickers with letters so you can create a license plate for your go-­‐kart with your own name. Is that cool or not!

Foxy is prepared for a trailer. Easy storage was also planned for this go-­‐kart: the EXIT Foxy can be parked vertically and therefore take little room in a shed or garage. EXIT Foxy is delivered in a lovely full-­‐colour packaging.

­‐ EXIT sound box ( various racing sounds, making the ride even more adventurous.
­‐ EXIT safety Flag ( this fluorescent flag ensure that the go-­kart and its driver are visible in traffic.
­‐ EXIT marking cones (Green/Black) 20 items ( create your own course using these marking cones. So ... Leave the room and go play outside!

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EXIT Foxy - Video

EXIT Foxy - Video

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