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EXIT Aksent Sand-, Water Picnic table (1 Seat) + S

EAN-code: 8718469468911
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What's more fun than playing with sand and water? The EXIT Aksent Sand, Water & Picnic Table is a multi-functional table. If the removable top blade stays on, then it becomes a table with a bench where a child can enjoy eating lunch or making a nice drawing. When the blade is removed, then it becomes ideal for fooling around with sand and water with the EXIT Garden Tools. The prettiest sand cakes and the tallest sand castles can be created! The bench is adjustible so you can decide what is the seat spacing tot the worksheet; 22,5cm or 18,5cm. The bench is therefore adaptable to the age of the child. With the provided EXIT Umbrella the children sit well in de shade on sunny days! This sand and water table is equipped with a single bench.

he two integrated bins are coloured green and can be removed. This way they can be easily cleaned and used for other play activities. Its modern look makes this table unique and the use of soft colours, such as grey and natural, definitely sets it apart of other models. And it looks so nice in your garden!

Wood characteristics:
- Chinese Cederwood
- Sustainably produced wood (FSC Mix 100%)
- Thickness table: 20mm
- Thickness top blade: 15mm

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