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EXIT Aksent Planter table L

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If you want to enjoy growing vegetables and herbs together with your kids, then the EXIT Aksent Planter Table L with the ideal height and large dimensions is the perfect cultivation table! Ideal for small gardens or gardens with a hard surface. Fill the container, which comes with a root mat, with good soil and the kids can start planting immediately. Educational, tasty and naturally healthy!

The EXIT Aksent Planter table L stands on legs, giving it several advantages:
- You can use it standing up, maintaining an active and proper posture.
- Standing around the table allows many children to garden at the same time.
- It’s less accessible for pets, such as cats.
- It’s easy to sweep around the table

The EXIT Aksent Planter Table L is manufactured from sustainably produced wood in a modern design and in tranquil grey and natural colours; looks just as lovely in your garden!  

As additional accessories, you can purchase a cover for this planter table ( and/or a set of EXIT Gardening Tools (

Characteristics of the wood:
- North European fir  
- Sustainably produced (FSC Mix Credit, FSC Mix 70%, SCS-COC-000652-WH)

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