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EXIT Aksent Kids Planter Table L Deluxe (FSC Mix 7

EAN-code: 8718469469826
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If you want to enjoy growing vegetables and herbs together with your kids, then the EXIT Aksent Planter Table L Deluxe with the ideal height and large dimensions is the perfect cultivation table! Ideal for small gardens or gardens with a hard surface. Fill the container, which comes with a root mat, with good soil and the kids can start planting immediately. Educational, tasty and naturally healthy! The Deluxe version includes an Greenhouse and Gardening Tools. The Greenhouse creates the ideal climate where your vegetables and herbs can flourish. The EXIT Aksent Greenhouse also provides the best possible protection against wind, light frost and vermin!

The EXIT Aksent Planter table L stands on legs, giving it several advantages:
- You can use it standing up, maintaining an active and proper posture.
- Standing around the table allows many children to garden at the same time.
- It’s less accessible for pets, such as cats.
- It’s easy to sweep around the table

The EXIT Aksent Planter Table L is manufactured from sustainably produced wood in a modern design and in tranquil grey and natural colours; looks just as lovely in your garden! The EXIT Aksent Greenhouse consists of a sturdy metal frame with synthetic couplings and a strong transparent foil that is spanned on top.

The EXIT Aksent Planter Table L Deluxe includes a cover (Greenhouse) for this planter table and a set of EXIT Gardening Tools. The covering has a zipper at the side and can be easily rolled up and tied up, making the cultivation table easily accessible.

Characteristics of the wood:
- North European fir
- Sustainably produced (FSC Mix Credit)

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