Leave the room,
play outside!


is thé contemporary brand that encourages, and even challenges, kids to play outside and enjoy themselves.

Our approach is to develop outdoor toys based on the needs of children and parents. The main focus is that our toys must appeal to children, not only because children find the toys fun and cool to play with, but by also paying attention to creating modern and fabulous design.

October 2014

Let's play Ice Hockey!

Check out our new assembly video of the EXIT Sniper Ice Hockey Goal, including the Sniper Shooting Target.

The Sniper is a beautiful (ice) hockey goal according to official NHL dimension requirements. The hockey goal combines a sturdy design and a high quality frame.

A cool Sniper shooting target is available as an asseccory, to practise your skills!

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September 2014

Train your ball skills with the Kickback Rebounder!

Shoot or throw the ball against the Rebounder and it comes back with a surprisingly high speed.

The EXIT Kickback Rebounder is a ultimate piece of kit to train your ball skills. With the Kickback Rebounder you can work on your close game elements of ball sports, such as passing, shooting, first touch control, goalkeeping and heading the ball.

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