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About EXIT Toys

About EXIT Toys

EXIT Toys: "Leave the room, play outside"

EXIT Toys is thé contemporary brand that encourages, and even challenges, kids to play outside and enjoy themselves.

Our approach is to develop outdoor toys based on the needs of children and parents. The main focus is that our toys must appeal to children, not only
because children find the toys fun and cool to play with, but by also paying attention to creating modern and fabulos design.

For EXIT Toys, safety and exacting quality is also paramount. Now, here’s the catch...the price! EXIT Toys’ aim is to make their products accessible to a wide audience by keeping prices attractive, therefore offering more children the opportunity of years of play together in the fresh air. That is why a product by EXIT Toys helps every child have healthy and entertaining it should be.

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Exit Toys is a registered trade mark and part of Dutch Toys Group B.V.

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